“Review” is no excuse for keeping Poltair closed

Posted on: 3rd September 2013

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, has challenged health bosses to reopen inpatient beds at Poltair Hospital whilst the Review into the future goes on.

Mr George said that those in NHS Kernow who are responsible for overseeing the Review into the future of the hospital have assured him that the Review – planned to commence next month – would not be used as an excuse not to reopen the inpatient beds which were closed nearly a year ago.  But he has also received a recent letter from the new Chief Executive of Peninsula Community Health – the company responsible for Poltair and other community hospitals in Cornwall – which states that until the Review is completed (which is not anticipated until early 2014) “we will continue to provide community based services only from Poltair Hospital”.

Mr George said:  “This contradicts what many have been told; that the Review would not be used as an excuse simply to extend the closure of inpatient beds.  Many of us are concerned that once these beds are lost they will be lost forever and the patients who need round the clock medical oversight will chance it at home.

“I welcome the opportunity for a thorough review and some proper planning of community services in the west, but this should not be used as an excuse to keep beds closed in this way.”


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