Restore trust – Future commitment for West Cornwall Hospital

Posted on: 31st October 2011

Following a meeting with the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust in Penzance at the weekend, local MP, Andrew George, is urging Hospital managers to help “restore trust” by committing to re-opening the closed in-patient medical ward at the Hospital and further committing to enhancing the casualty service and protecting 24 hour back-up x-ray service and the pharmacy, amongst other services at the Hospital.

Mr George said, “We hope that Hospital managers will want to restore some of the trust which has been damaged by the decision to close one of only two remaining in-patient wards during the winter months.

“They can do this by making a commitment for the medium term future of the Hospital including the retention of all in-patient beds and wards, the enhancement of the casualty service, the protection of the back-up services, such as 24/7 x-ray and the Hospital’s pharmacy.

“Hospital managers have said that they will be preparing plans for the future of the Trust and its hospitals as part of its new strategy under the widely supported application for Foundation Trust status next year. This should provide more clarity regarding the future plans for the Hospital up to 2018. It is important for local people to fully engage with those plans.

“We all wish the Trust well in its endeavours to establish Foundation Trust status, as all other options are far worse!”


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