Remember Brexit?

Posted on: 9th November 2018

Remember Brexit? You know, the deal we were assured would be the “easiest in human history”? Well, apparently it’s “95% done”. So that’s alright then.

For those not so easily placated – who haven’t joined the keyboard warriors barking “Leave means Leave”, or similar nuggets of wisdom – there’s a safe haven, to find out what’s going on, what it means for you and about the challenges and opportunities of Brexit.

Last week I partnered Labour Peer Lord Andrew Adonis for a very well attended public meeting in Penzance. 250+ people joined us for a Q&A. Next Thursday 15th Nov another panel of expert speakers will join me at St John’s Hall, Pz for a forum. Come to listen, debate and have your say.

Further events are planned. I’ve again of course invited the local MP. And asked if he would reciprocate by allowing me to join him at a meeting on Brexit which he’s arranged for UKIP in Helston on 16th Nov. Keep reading this paper for more.