Regional pay will demoralise staff and impoverish economy

Posted on: 26th May 2012

Commenting on the reports that an NHS Pay Consortium of 16 Hospitals Trusts in the South West are looking at introducing a regional pay structure, West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, denounced the reported move.

Mr George said: “I doubt that a review of public sector regional pay structures has the intention of enhancing the pay of the lowest earners. Having lower pay in poorer regions, like Cornwall, will merely impoverish the place further.

“As well as demoralising staff, causing resentment throughout the profession and undermining local economies as public sector staff have less to spend, paying the lowest earners less will be counterproductive as it will cost the taxpayer more as more will then be entitled to Housing Benefit, Income Support and Tax Credit.

“The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, made clear this week his opposition to the roll out of regional pay and I hope that this reported initiative will be very quickly quashed.”



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