Raise The Rate Campaign On Debt Blocking Of Pre-Paid Meter Customers

Posted on: 14th November 2011

Andrew George has seconded EDM2424. Motion reads: “That this House calls on Ofgem urgently to raise the level of debt below which pre-paid meter (PPM) customers can switch their energy supplier from the current level of 200 to 350, thereby preventing debt blocking from occurring by allowing indebted PPM customers to switch to a cheaper supplier helping them to pay off their debt if they owe up to 350; notes that Library figures suggest that over 200,000 people could stand to benefit if this rate is raised; acknowledges Ofgem’s own figures that show the average level of customer debt has risen from 200 in 2006 and now stands at well over 300 for both gas and electricity customers; and further calls on the Government also to acknowledge these figures and urge Ofgem to raise the rate.”