Query Ebola patient at RCHT Treliske

Posted on: 30th December 2014

Statement on suspected Ebola case at Treliske from Andrew George MP:

There’s very little available about this patient and the risk levels. But, from what we know, and from our Health Sel Comm Inquiry a few weeks ago, I would offer the following comment:

It seems that NHS staff have quickly escalated the protocols and have the applied the algorithm. Full specialist treatment is best provided at the Royal Free in London. Until then, full isolation and use of fully fluid repellant disposable protective gear should be worn by anyone working in vicinity of patient or with specimens.

When test results are returned from (Porton Down?) laboratory it will be known whether this is a Malaria, Ebola or other infection.

What this demonstrates is the vital importance of a fully functioning integrated NHS. It is also a reminder of just how much we owe to the commitment, dedication and professionalism of NHS staff.

Even if this case turns out not to be a case of Ebola – which of course we will all hope – it will be important for the Trust (in concert with NHS Chiefs) to review their success in their handing of this case, the effectiveness of the protocols and (if necessary) the need for further fine tuning.