Public meeting hears that Brexit won't happen on 29th March

Public meeting hears that Brexit won’t happen on 29th March

Posted on: 18th February 2019

Expert speakers, Professor Michael Dougan and Sarah Adkins, warned a large and divided audience in Penzance on Friday evening that the Government was many months away from being capacity to manage any kind of departure from the EU. Brexit will not happen on 29th March. Article 50 will be delayed.

Andrew George who organised the meeting – the 7th in a series – thanked the audience and speakers. He will arrange further events.

Michael Dougan is Professor of EU Law at Liverpool University. Sarah Adkins is a Lawyer who specialises in advising businesses preparing for Brexit and on Trade policy.

Andrew invited the local MP, Derek Thomas, who has consistently refused to attend these events. Organisations which support Brexit were also unable to provide a speaker for the event.

Copies of the video records of the event are available and will be circulated in due course.