Public demand Brexit facts ahead of crucial vote

Posted on: 4th November 2018

A full house at St John’s Hall Penzance recently demanded more information: about what’s happening to Brexit; the detail of the deal; the impact on the Irish border; the impact on Cornwall, on medical supplies, and on EU nationals living in the Uk and Uk nationals settled in mainland EU and Eire.

Labour Lord Andrew Adonis and local Liberal Democrat campaigner, Andrew George, were key speakers at a public meeting and Q&A chaired by Professor Penny Florence on Thursday evening 1st Nov. It was a near capacity audience of over 250 people.

Lord Adonis made the case for “A People’s vote on the final deal” and Andrew George described the the likely impact of Brexit on the Cornish economy and specific sectors.

Further evening debates and events are planned. Including with speakers on 15th November and with Liberal Democrat Leader, Dr Vince Cable MP on 29th Nov. (See attached flier). In fact the Dr Cable event will probably take place at Helston.

Mr George will invite the local Conservative MP, Derek Thomas, to each of these events and request a reciprocal invitation to join Mr Thomas at the UKIP meeting he’s arranged for 16th November. (See attached)

Mr George explained, “The Conservative MP has supported the extreme right of his Party by signing the so-called “ransom note” to the PM in February but has also pledged devotion to the PM’s “Chequers'” plan. In view of this evident extreme inconsistency, local people deserve clarity about what he supports and what he’ll do on their behalf in future votes.

“He promised to support UK membership of the European Medicines Agency but then voted against when he had chance (in July this year). Local people want to know how they can trust any pledge he makes.

“He also continually refers to “the UK AND Northern Ireland”! Local people need to know whether this is a deliberate attempt to infer that he prefers Northern Ireland to be separate from the UK as a resolution to the Irish border problem or if it’s just a lack of basic knowledge?

“Parliament will soon be asked to make a grave and crucially important decision. Local people have a right to seek confidence that their representative has the competence and honesty to be trusted to make this decision on their behalf. If he attends public meetings with others than his friends in UKIP this will help to assure people. He’s always refused to attend public meetings on this important issue (and others) both during the referendum campaign and since. That won’t do.”