Second Homes March

Protestors Demonstrate Common Cause for Housing Justice

Posted on: 10th February 2018

Andrew George hailed today’s protest march for housing justice a great success. Over a hundred withstood the rain and wind to walk from Mousehole to Penzance to make their voices heard.

He said: “Congratulations to all those who came out today in very wet conditions – marching from Mousehole to Penzance – to fight for local families in desperate need of decent and genuinely affordable homes…

…and to clamp down on the multi-million £ tax avoidance of thousands of wealthy second homers who could pay for it”.

Andrew led parliamentary campaigns against the Conservatives to stop the tax loop-holes and scrap the massively unfair ‘bedroom tax’ which they imposed on council house occupants.

“Under this Government, if the rich under-occupy their second home the Conservatives reward them – with massive tax avoidance loopholes.
But if the poor are deemed to under occupy their council home they penalise them with the ‘bedroom tax’!” he said.

“Congratulations to Labour Councillors, Cornelius Olivier (pictured in the attached photograph with me on the march) and Alana Bates who did an excellent job organising the protest.


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