Primary Care Health Campus on St Clare site has to be best option for Poltair Hospital

Posted on: 18th March 2014

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, is calling on health chiefs to fully evaluate the opportunity to establish a purpose built Primary Care Health Campus on the St Clare site in Penzance now that the consultation to inform the decision on the future usage of Poltair Hospital is having its ‘options evaluated’.

Following discussions with the Clinical Lead – Dr Neil Walden – and Mr George last month, Mr George wrote to the Secretary of State for Health, Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, and the Head of NHS Property Services – Simon Holden – to seek their support of ensuring that any capital realised from the sale of the Poltair site could be reinvested in a Primary Care Health project such as that previously proposed by Mr George on the former District Council office site at St Clare.

Commenting on the evaluation of the Poltair consultation, Mr George said:

“Reinvesting capital receipts from the Poltair site on a new purpose built Primary Care Health Campus on the St Clare site was not amongst the five options presented to the local community when the consultation itself commenced last year. Nevertheless, it is never too late to introduce a proposal which would best meet the needs of the local community and achieve wide ranging local support.

“However, it’s important that any proposals should be realistic. Preposterous and ill thought through proposals to relocate some or all of the services from the acute West Cornwall Hospital not only undermine the seriousness with which a primary/community care project will be viewed, but could even put in jeopardy the very future of acute services at West Cornwall hospital.

“I hope that we can bring together all relevant stakeholders to explore this opportunity in the near future.”

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