Pressing for “Even Playing Field” for Wave Hub

Posted on: 5th July 2011

Andrew George MP Pressing for Level Playing Field For WavehubWest Cornwall MP, Andrew George, is urging UK & Scottish Energy Ministers to ensure that there is an “even playing field”(!) for all marine renewable technology projects; and pointed out that a continuation of a more favourable financial incentive for marine projects in Scotland could undermine the need for rapid progress for the West Cornwall Wave Hub project.

Mr George said, “I welcome the announcement of an extra £20 million for marine energy projects announced last week. However, the companies we hope will bring wave power devices forward to take advantage of the first commercial scale site in the world off the north coast of St Ives will be given further encouragement by ensuring that the energy they produce is given the same encouragement as in Scotland. At present, the Scottish Government rewards their smaller scale marine energy projects more generously than any project south of the border. Scottish producers receive more than double the incentive.

“It has taken tremendous effort and over £40 million to construct the site for the Wave Hub. Now we need to see improved incentives to encourageAndrew George MP Pressing for Wave Hub Level Playing Field companies to use it. Marine power has a huge potential in the UK; not just in contributing to a greener electricity supply and cutting emissions, but in supporting thousands of jobs in the sector worth a potential £15 billion to the economy up to 2050.

“Cornwall could be leading the world and the next few years are going to be crucial. If we don’t capitalise on the advantage we have created for ourselves with the creation of the Wave Hub site then other parts of the world will quickly take over. Securing an agreement between the UK and Scottish Governments will be essential.”

Photos courtesy of Wave Hub