Press notice from Andrew George

Posted on: 18th May 2015

A number of St Ives constituents have contacted Andrew George to ask him to confirm his previously stated position and his voting record on a number of “free vote”/“conscience” issues.

Mr George is pleased to set out his response to the questions posed:


Would you vote for or against?


A return of capital punishment?                                              Against

A repeal of the Hunting Act?                                                     Against

A reversal of the law on gay marriage?                                Against

Policies to extend Faith schools?                                             Against

Repeal of the Human Rights Act?                                            Against

Scrapping of the Abortion Act

(introduction of controls as in Northern Ireland)?          Against

Repeal of the law against smoking in public places?       Against

Teaching of Creationism in our schools:                              Against

A badger cull?                                                                                    Against

Replacement of Trident Nuclear Weapons system?        Against


Mr George said:  “This is consistent with my previous campaigns and votes.  If anyone requires further information or explanation then please get in contact.  If anyone contacted me about these kind of questions I would always answer.  I would not “block” them from my social or other forms of public media.  MPs should be accountable to their electors.”