PM shouldn’t be so shy about his visit

Posted on: 29th April 2013

The MP for the West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly constituency of St Ives, Andrew George, has told the Prime Minister, David Cameron, that he “shouldn’t be shy” about involving the local MP when he is coming to the area.

Mr George had written to the Prime Minister to request a visit so that the PM could see for himself both the challenges and the opportunities for businesses in town centres like that of Penzance.

Mr George said:

“It’s a pity he didn’t co-ordinate his visit with my diary.  He could have joined me at my morning meeting with the Penzance Harbour Chief to discuss how the Government could back exciting maritime plans for the area.  I could have taken him to businesses I had been working with to cut their business rates and who have plans for the future of the town.  I could have introduced him to some of the stakeholders I am working with to re-establish the Penzance to Scillies helicopter service; a service which closed after Sainsbury’s took the heliport – with the support of Penzance Chamber of Commerce.

“On the other hand, I could have introduced him to some vulnerable people and families who risk losing their home as a result of the “bedroom tax”/”spare room subsidy” – something I voted against – and which is causing turmoil in many households in the constituency.  Or introduced him to health workers who are concerned that the Government’s health policy will create an NHS which puts profit before patients.

“I know there’s a national election this week, but it would be better if the Prime Minister put the interests of the community in Penzance above that of party political campaigning.  We should all be working together for the good of Penzance.  That’s what local people want.”