PETITION: Back the Andrew George Bill to scrap the Tory Bedroom Tax today

Posted on: 9th December 2014

West Cornwall MP Andrew George led the successful campaign in Parliament to defeat the Tory ‘Bedroom Tax’.

His Liberal Democrat colleagues joined him with the support of opposition parties to defeat the Conservatives by 75 votes.

But the Tories have now cooked-up a scheme to sabotage Andrew’s popular and successful campaign.

Andrew has accused Tory Prime Minister David Cameron of “abusing his power” to defy the will of Parliament.  Andrew contrasted the unjust ‘Bedroom Tax’ with tax subsidy given to wealthy second homers when the Conservatives were last in power on their own; the Tories gave hundreds of £millions each year in a Council Tax discount to second home owners – even though thousands of locals couldn’t afford their first home!

Andrew said, “The Tories penalise the poor if they believe they’re under-occupying their council home, but reward the wealthy if they under occupy their second home!”

PETITION: Back Andrew George’s Bill to scrap the Tory Bedroom Tax today:-

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To: The Prime Minister, David Cameron

We, the undersigned, call on you to respect the clear will of Parliament and to let Andrew George MP’s Bill to scrap the ‘Bedroom Tax’ proceed into law.


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Andrew George MP, FREEPOST PY1782 Penzance, TR18 4BR.


Bedroom Tax Fact File:- Why the Tory Bedroom Tax is wrong:

1. Council House tenants didn’t create the housing shortage. Successive Tory and Labour Governments failed to build enough homes of the right size.

2. It’s scandalous to make disabled people move from homes which have been adapted at taxpayers’ expense.

3. Local families in can’t find an alternative home – unless they are prepared to uproot themselves from their family, social circle, job prospects etc, to move 30-40 miles away!

4. Poorer families are as entitled to a stable home as the better off.

5. So called “under occupancy” is often for good reason – for a visiting carer, a young “nest returner”, to enable “shared care” and for those fleeing domestic violence.

6. The ‘Bedroom Tax’ will incentivise housing chiefs to build smaller properties with fewer bedrooms; the opposite of what is required!

7. It destroys family life. Parents want to give their children reassurance for a few years that when they go out into the world on their own there’s still a home rather than ‘sofa surfing’ for them.

8. It won’t save money – especially if families move to more expensive private renting.