Perpetrators should compensate fishermen

Posted on: 15th January 2021


“I agree with the call for fishermen to be compensated. The perpetrators of the dishonest hoax played on our fishermen should compensate the industry.”

Former Shadow Fishing Minister, Andrew George – who correctly warned the fishing industry of the false “take back control” Brexit promises to the fishing industry since before the 2016 referendum – called on Brexit supporting Conservative MPs to themselves provide the “compensating measures” they’re demanding from others.

Andrew said,

“Without a hint of irony Conservative MPs like Sheryll Murray are demanding “compensating measures” for those adversely affected by the cruel hoax of the undeliverable Brexit promises made by them to the fishing industry.

“For once I agree with her. As I and others predicted, Brexit is causing detriment not the promised benefit. The perpetrators of that dishonesty who demand “compensating measures” for the fishing industry are correct. Here are some immediate “measures”:

“Compensating measure” 1 – Ms Murray, Minister Eustace and all the Tory Brexit supporting MPs who must have known they were misleading the public should apologise and resign their seats.
“Compensating measure” 2 – they should financially compensate the fishermen and merchants from THEIR OWN POCKETS. After all, why should the taxpayers – especially those who warned them and pointed to their lies – foot their bill? The Conservatives often lecture others – single parents and the less well-off – to take personal responsibility for themselves and have surcharged local Councillors when they take decisions which could have financial consequences for the Council. They should apply their own principles to the devastating dishonesty of promising the fishing industry something they must have known was undeliverable.

“I’m surprised that Tory Brexiteers should have the brazen gall to complain. Many others are keeping their heads down and resorting to their conventional tactic of reputation laundering or charity-washing themselves.

“Of course I could point to the many occasions when I predicted we’d have this outcome – still run by the EU quota system but with no say; foreign vessels retaining extensive access to UK waters; damaging export barriers which undermine industry viability. I’m not claiming to have remarkable 20-20 foresight. Any simple seeker after truth could have done this for themselves.”

See attached just one of many examples – this from 3 years ago.