Penzance – prospects look positive

Posted on: 29th July 2018


People respond better to kindness and civility and not so well to unpleasantness and threats…

This weekend I joined local police on patrol and performed my regular stint supporting the Penzance Street Food Project (SFP).

And, you know, I came away very encouraged. The prospects for Penzance remain very positive if those who speak up for the town remain positive.

Police patrol

I was privileged to be able to join both the response and the neighbourhood police teams and to have a good opportunity to discuss their work and followed them in action. In spite of massive reductions in police numbers in recent years the approach of staff remains positive.

I had become concerned at claims by some politicians/community leaders that people are “afraid” of coming to the town because of an alleged increase in “anti-social behaviour”. That’s why as a regular volunteer for the Pz Street Food Project (SFP) – a project which had been criticised by some of those claiming that Penzance was unsafe to visit – I was keen to seek the advice of professional police officers.

Combating anti-social behaviour

Our police are in the best place to take a lead on managing any problems of anti-social behaviour. Many of those we serve in the street food project are frightened of the anti-social behaviour of people who complain about them. Generally people – whatever their circumstances and background – respond better to kindness and civility and not so well to unpleasantness and threats. Not all of those we support on the SFP are on the street 24 hours a day. We help people without fear or favour and don’t ever query their entitlement.

Anti-social behaviour should not be tolerated and we can all help to combat it. But those who threaten to “kick the *** out of” homeless and vulnerable people are part of the problem not the solution. Just as those who conflate homeless people with street litter and dogs mess. They know who they are…


Our police are an impressive group of professionals who work hard to ensure our streets are safe and crime is minimised. They’re appreciative of the work of the SFP just as we are very appreciative of them.

I have been lucky to be able to join local police on patrol on many occasions before and throughout the constituency. And I’m privileged to serve alongside a group of fantastic volunteers who do so much to help our whole community through the remarkable Penzance Street Food Project.