Parliamentary update: Next A30 upgrade should be Rose-an-Grouse to Long Rock stretch – George

Posted on: 2nd December 2014

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, pressed Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin MP, for investment in the A30 between Rose-an-Grouse and Long Rock at the Commons. He welcomed the £120 million investment in the next ‘bottleneck’ to the east between Chiverton and Carland Cross.

Mr George’s question and response from Mr McLoughlin are as follows:

Andrew George (St Ives) (LD):
The Chiverton to Carland Cross A30 section is a notorious bottleneck, and the investment announced today is very welcome. What it may do, however, is shift the bottleneck further along the A30 between Rose-an-Grouse and Long Rock, and a scheme for that was scrapped nearly 20 years ago. Would my right hon. Friend recommend that the local authority bring forward that scheme again? Clearly, the investment is needed across the whole stretch of the A30.

Mr McLoughlin:
I am sure Cornwall Council will want to look at the implications of the announcements that I have made today. It has often produced imaginative schemes on which we have been able to work with it. If the council feels that the plans will lead to further problems, of course I would want to work with the council to try to alleviate them.

Mr George said after the exchange: “This is welcome investment. The bottleneck at the Chiverton-Carland Cross stretch deserves a remedy. But this now highlights the problems to the West. Not only is there a more than just seasonal bottleneck problem there, but many issues with the impact the road has on community life and road safety in some accident black spots.”