Parliamentary sketch – The road to Ruan

Posted on: 8th August 2013

When I walk down to an underground platform in London to discover that I may have to wait more than 3 minutes for the next train, like other travellers, I can become frustrated and a little teasy!

However, if we just turned up on spec in many of our villages without first checking the timetable to discover that the next bus was coming along within the next 3 hours, we might think ourselves fortunate!

Meanwhile, back at the underground station, for a couple of quid I can travel to totally different parts of London with different services, great variety of shops, to hospital appointments, to the theatre, visit friends, get to work, attend sports events, etc.  With continuous investment in new services and modernising facilities, the public subsidy which goes into Transport for London and all other public transport infrastructure in the capital amounts to £1.5-£2.0 billion each year.

So I make no apology for my campaign for a fuel price concession for areas like ours that don’t enjoy the kind of public transport system that places like London simply take for granted.  The road fuel pilot scheme on the Scillies and Scottish Islands costs less than £5 million – or less than 0.25% of the subsidy going to public transport in London!

When I’m in London I use a bike or public transport.  Having a car is an impediment to efficient travel.  But when you live in a rural area you often have no choice other than to have a car.  It is difficult to hold down a job, get to school/college, attend hospital appointments and shop without a car.  That’s why it is reasonable to ask for even a modest road fuel duty rebate as the Government are now prepared to consider – a modest 5p per litre in some rural areas like our own.

I’m pleased to have been involved in the successful campaign to secure a rebate for Scilly last year.  Now, we have the opportunity to secure the principle of getting a rebate for Cornwall too, and not before time.

Now we need evidence of price comparisons for our local fuel stations (those that have survived in a ferociously competitive market); to be forwarded to Treasury Ministers.  We also need your support in getting a show of strength through a large petition.  I’ve set one up at and I’d appreciate it if you’d get all your friends and family to sign up.


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6th August 2013