Parliamentary sketch – When fear and nostalgia go down a storm

Posted on: 4th April 2014

First the good news…

So, England is no longer cut off!  Cornwall has always been “open for business,” in spite of the severing of the rail line at Dawlish two months ago.

However, distraught Englanders can now breathe a sigh of relief.  The panic is over.  They are now fully reattached to the jewel in the United Kingdom’s crown, Cornwall.

Congratulations must go to all involved in restoring the thousands of tonnes of material that was washed off the coast, working night and day to restore the rail link.

Meanwhile the gladiatorial televised debate between Nick and Nige (Clegg and Farage) will no doubt have had the nation transfixed!  I fear that Nick had unrealistic expectations for these debates.  He’s appealing to people’s reason and better instincts.  Farage appeals to fears and base prejudices.  So, Nick doesn’t stand a chance.  I hope Nick doesn’t think there’s a constituency of enthusiastic pro-Europeans out there?

Nick can expose Farage for making up facts all he likes (e.g. Farage claimed that 75% of UK law was made in Europe – when officials in the House of Commons Library estimate it at 7%!) but I’m afraid that Nick’s on a hiding to nothing. Emotions and creative nostalgia are more effective than pragmatism and fact.

On a separate matter, I have been contacted by the media to demand my comments on campaigning legislation proposed by a Labour Lord (Tony) Berkeley which proposes to strip the Duchy of Cornwall of its “Crown” status and to treat it as any other private estate.

Now, I would not expect a Lord to deign to consult a mere “commoner” like me before publishing their campaigning proposals, but it’s difficult to comment on what he has in mind unless I see it!.

Of course, their Lordships (I’m touching my forelocks as I speak) are accountable to no-one. But if they want the support of those democratically elected to represent the people of the Duchy then it’s best to come and speak to them.  Without that it’s difficult to interpret his intentions as anything other than malign…

Though some will no doubt be bracing themselves for the ravages of storm and pestilence after the spate of same-sex weddings last weekend, it’s obvious, from the recent UN report, that we must seriously prepare policy and agriculture for the challenges of future climate change; to avoid the risk of food shortages.  Concreting over our countryside won’t help and dependency on imports won’t aid the situation either.


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1st April 2014