Parliamentary sketch – another amazing Mazey day

Posted on: 4th July 2013

It is a privilege to represent an area with the best festivals in Cornwall.  I was privileged to join the dignified Mayor’s procession on Mazey Day; before the main processions and entertainments kicked off.

The sun shone and the town came fully alive with colour and creativity in every corner.

In a time of stress and austerity community celebrations become more rather than less important.

After all, what would we do if our lives just continued with routine and mundane sameness, with no light relief or anything to look forward to; with no spark of creativity or additional reason to extend our circle of friends or re-establish old friendships?

Of course, the Golowan festival itself had been re-established in 1991 after an absence of almost 100 years when the then “Government of Penzance” could no longer afford the rising insurance premiums when our old friend, “health and safety” didn’t exist to deal with streets lined with tar barrels ablaze.

Congratulations are due to Steven Hall and supporters for putting in place the sound foundations for what remains an outstanding week of entertainments and community events.

But, of course, there were disappointments too.  I received a heartfelt complaint from students at the John Daniel Centre who, having worked in anticipation of taking part in the procession, were cancelled because no staff were available to support them! (I hope they found some solace through attending other events).

Of course, last month I was lucky to join those in who danced away the clouds and drizzle which had threatened to dampen the spirit of Helston Furry; a world famous event which has enjoyed unbroken annual celebration over the centuries and beyond record.

And Helston is not alone. St Ives with its fantastic Hurling and reviving Fair Mo brings the community together as does St Just and Lafrowder.

In a week when the Government reminded us that tough spending decisions and austerity will continue for a few more years yet, our community festivals are the bright lights in a hunkered-down gloom.

Congratulations and thanks are due to the hundreds of people who do so much to keep the torches of community spirit glowing. Your efforts are really appreciated by us all.


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2nd July 2013