Panel Debate, Helston, 29th November

Posted on: 22nd November 2018

If you haven’t been to any of the Brexit debates I’ve organised so far perhaps you’d like to join us at a panel debate I’ve arranged to take place in Helston next week. It will include former Trade Secretary, Liberal Democrat Leader Dr Sir Vince Cable MP. Helston Community College at 7:30pm on Thursday 29th Nov.

I’ve always sought to make sure each event has been balanced. For example, I’ve always invited the local MP, Mr Thomas (who has always refused). But I have sometimes secured other pro Brexit speakers as well as business, trade and legal experts.

I even asked for a reciprocal invite to the meeting Mr Thomas organised with UKIP last Friday in Helston. But I was refused. Though I was told not to go, I did and sat at the back to observe. I found myself mentioned by both the UKIP speaker and Mr Thomas and was the subject of attack in an offensive leaflet handed to attendees as they entered the venue. So it was just as well I went!

The door remains open to Mr Thomas to join us on 29th, as before. Indeed, if there’s a Brexit supporter who wants to give it a try there’s a place on the platform for you. Just let me know.

Vince Cable