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Government must “Fix social care” before it can talk of tax raise

Posted on: 28th January 2022

Before the Government hits struggling workers a £12bn tax bill, they first need to demonstrate they’ve “fixed social care”. At the very time the Government plans its National Insurance tax hike Cornwall’s Conservative Council has declared the social care is more unfixed than it’s ever been! At the last election the Conservatives promised that above […]

They promised to “Fix Social Care” – Instead they’ve Failed it

Posted on: 21st January 2022

At the last election the Conservatives promised that above all they would “fix social care”. This week’s news confirms they’ve achieved the opposite. If they want to slash care provided to the sickest and vulnerable they should go and explain that to the patients and their families themselves, and not expect the heroes working on […]

Conservatives extend multi-million tax loophole for wealthy second homers

Posted on: 14th January 2022

The Conservatives are NOT closing the multi-million £ tax loophole for second home owners. In fact they’re just enabling it; making yet another purposeful-sounding announcement in their desperate attempt to save face. The Conservatives were shamed into announcing in 2018 they would close the tax loophole they first created 2012, and which I’ve campaigned against […]

Conservative MP denies second home tax loophole is a problem!

Posted on: 10th January 2022

Response to “Derek Slams…” press release Debate the facts with me in open forum. Tory MP should apologise to local people If Mr Thomas is so adamant that second homes have not been handed hundreds of millions of tax benefits and covid aid in Cornwall alone then I’m sure he’ll accept my invitation for the […]

Second homers get yet another (Christmas) present from the Conservatives!

Posted on: 22nd December 2021

Another very merry Christmas for those Second home owners, Air BnB and other property investors who use the business rate tax loophole to avoid paying any tax at all. The Conservative Chancellor announced the Government will hand out yet more taxpayers’ money in the form of Covid aid to them. This news was strangely not […]

Science-led (not PR-led) Covid strategy please

Posted on: 17th December 2021

Top scientists offered an unvarnished and sobering appraisal of the current state of the Covid pandemic. Government ministers should take note. “…There is no evidence that Omicron is less severe than Delta”!Prof Christina Pagel commenting on Imperial research published 17.12.21. The brilliant scientists of IndieSAGE chart the state of the pandemic (at their last weekly […]

North Shropshire – Electors finally rumble Johnson

Posted on: 17th December 2021

The stunning N Shropshire byelection victory brings with it a message of hope. Hope for our NHS, which deserves real support rather than photo-calls and empty promises. Hope for those desperate for a secure home. Hope for Covid policy led by science rather than public relations. And hope for our children’s future as the climate […]

Putin would admire the manoeuvre of unmasked Conservatives

Posted on: 3rd November 2021

Public and political pressure rightly shamed the Conservatives to back-down in their shocking attempt to create a new MP’s standards regulator managed by the Conservatives. Putin would have been proud of such a manoeuvre. There’s a common accusation against politicians in the UK – “one rule for you and another for the rest of us”. […]

Campaigning to stop a cop-out at COP26

Posted on: 3rd November 2021

The thousands who campaign to combat climate change should pat themselves on the back this week, following what seems, on the surface at least, the outcome of the much-publicised COP26 Glasgow conference. I will join some of them in Truro at the weekend. If the promises and razmataz in Glasgow amount to more than what […]

Exciting news of possible Hydrogen fuel cell flights to Scilly

Posted on: 2nd November 2021

The Steamship Co caused further excitement this week when it confirmed its intention to become an early adopter of Hydrogen fuel cell technology in its air service to the islands; which would lead it to become one of the first zero-carbon commercial flights.