Our Campaign Is Go!

Posted on: 6th November 2019

“For Jo Swinson to say she could do “a better job than” Boris Johnson – or Jeremy Corbyn for that matter – is setting the bar very low indeed.

“This election isn’t just about our future in Europe. It’s about the shape of our country for the next generation.

“The Conservatives want us to become more inward looking, backward looking and more self absorbed. We’re campaigning for an outward looking, forward-looking and compassionate country.

“We must get beyond the Brexit chaos the Conservatives have dragged our country into. So we can store the things that matter for the sake of our children’s future – our NHS, our schools, and the well-being of our planet.

“Our NHS has descended into crisis under the Conservatives. Key services are dangerously overstretched. We need to be honest with the people about what’s needed. We are prepared to take the political risk of saying that taxes should go up – 1p on income tax to provide the extra funding for our NHS and social care.

“Since 2015 Conservative MPs have back cuts to school budgets. Over £13 m from schools in this constituency while large corporations enjoy massive tax cuts. This cannot be right.
“Every child should have access to the best education. We will reverse the Conservative cuts – funded by reversing the cuts to corporation tax. This will release teachers from political gimmicks. So our teachers will be free to teach and our children to learn.”