Organ Donation

Posted on: 1st November 2011

Andrew George has seconded EDM2330. Motion reads: “That this House regrets the deaths of 511 patients in the UK whilst waiting for organ transplants in the year to 31 March 2011; notes that at the end of that month 7,800 UK patients were waiting for transplants; further notes that although approximately 65 per cent. of the public would be willing to donate an organ after death, only 29 per cent. are on the NHS Organ Donation Register; recognises the Welsh Government’s plan to introduce a soft opt-out system of organ donation in Wales, which it believes will lead to a decrease in the number of avoidable deaths in Wales; believes that the introduction of such a system across the UK could save many hundreds of lives per year; and calls on the Government to look again at the feasibility of a UK-wide opt-out system of organ donation.”