Climate Change

Offer to support students debate climate policy – George

Posted on: 18th February 2019

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner and former MP has offered to help local schools and colleges who wish to take their “Strike 4 climate” protest further.

Parents of many students and students themselves who joined protestors on Friday have asked Mr George to visit schools to engage in discussions and debates on policy. Some school heads have invited local MP Derek Thomas to talk to them and it is proposed that Mr George should join him and debate climate policy with the students. Preferably before the next Youth Strike 4 Climate event on 15th March.

Andrew has approached each local secondary school on the suggestion of local parents saying:

“If you feel it would help I would be pleased to revisit your school to offer an alternative perspective to that of the local MP. This could further enliven the learning experience as well as engender a wider debate. Having the two of us together would provide a helpful lesson, not only in the presentation of two different perspectives but in a more enlivening illustration of political discourse.

“I’m sure students are already aware of the inevitably partisan nature of perspectives on such subjects, especially the policies of combating climate change. I also agree with those who see students’ interest in our climate as a useful opportunity for wider lessons in citizenship and to develop students’ ability to test the more ‘artful’ side of politics and hold politicians to account. just as they should be!”

He added, “We have very different perspectives. After all the Liberal Democrats promoted strong environmental policies when in Government. Many were stopped or resisted by the Conservatives. Since 2015 the Conservatives have abolished the Climate Change department, sold-off the Green Investment Bank and the local MP has “consistently voted against measures to prevent climate change” and “against financial incentives for low carbon emission electricity generation methods”.