Of course it’s a pre-election bribe – but let’s bag it to give our towns a boost

Posted on: 6th September 2019

Andrew George welcomed today’s Conservative party (Government) announcement that it would spend £billions of taxpayers money to boost towns in the most marginal constituencies on the Country.

Only towns in the most marginal seats of St Ives, Camborne-Redruth and Truro-Falmouth have been granted the chance to claim up to £25 million for each town – one in each constituency and for two towns (Penzance and St Ives) in the most marginal seat of St Ives. (see statement on Cornwall Council site published this evening).

Mr George said, “Of course this is welcome news, even though it’s a naked pre-election bribe purely intended to help protect seats the Conservatives are clearly terrified of losing at the next election.

“We should keep a straight face, smile sweetly to the Government. Let’s play their game and bag the money for our towns. Of course we can all the see the real transparent purpose behind this initiative. But we should take the money.

“I will make sure the offer is upheld and that the monies are delivered whatever the outcome of the next election.

“The Johnson/Cummings Government has already proven itself to be the most dishonest and cynical in modern British history. They’re clearly on a pre-election magic-money-tree splurge. We should make sure they keep their word. Though it’s a pity Johnson and his wealthy friends can’t be forced to honour these pledges out of their own pockets.

“Cornish towns deserve this funding. I will press the next Government to honour this cynically timed pre-election offer.”

– ends –