Not such a Happy Mothers’ Day – as Child Poverty increases again

Posted on: 31st March 2019

The Conservatives have pushed more children into poverty. Conservative Government tax credit cuts and the switch to Universal Credit has contributed to increased child poverty. 4.1 million children are now in poverty – that’s 30% of children now below the poverty line. Over 70% of children in poverty are in working households.

So it’s not such a Happy Mothers’ Day for the millions of mothers who cannot feed or clothe their children. Or for the parents of the additional 200,000 children who now find themselves in absolute poverty since last year.

Conservative MPs may attempt to distract attention away from their record of consistently voting to worsen the position of the poorest in society. But voting for or against the policies which make lives better or (as in this case) worse is the one privileged advantage they have over the rest of us. But the public should never forget that it is this Conservative Government and its supporters which have done most to worsen poverty in the UK.

The sooner we can have a General Election the better. Not just because they’ve made a pig’s ear of Brexit and turned the UK the laughingstock of the planet. But also because they’ve deliberately followed a policy of penalising the poor.


1. latest report from the Child poverty Action Group

2. report on Cornwall Live re. impact of Universal Credit on child poverty