NO to developers’ charter. YES to homes for locals

Posted on: 18th April 2021

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Cornwall is one of the fastest developing places in the country. Our housing stock has doubled in the last forty years. But the housing problems of locals have got worse.

Conservatives forced Cornwall to take another 52,500 homes in the current plan (2010-2030) and now want to increase again by over 80,000! That’s equivalent to 10 new Penzances, or 18 Helstons or 24 St Ives.

And they forced Cornwall to take an extra 7,700 homes because they said we must “accommodate the growing demand for second homes”

Andrew says, “The planning system is fuelled by greed, not need. We must stop the Conservatives treating Cornwall like a developers’ paradise. We need a breathing space. Yes to homes which meet local need in perpetuity.”

No to swamping Cornwall in concrete and tarmac.