NHS Reinstatement Bill

Posted on: 11th March 2015

Statement by Andrew George MP and Dr John Pugh MP (sponsors of the Bill)

This Presentation Bill is to be tabled on the floor of the House of Commons on Wednesday 11th March (by Caroline Lucas MP and Andrew George MP) because the ongoing risks to the NHS of the combined impact of reforms of the last Labour Government and the Lansley Health and Social Care Act need to be dealt with.

The last thing the NHS needs now is yet another top down reorganisation. The NHS Reinstatement Bill provides a good basis for a better direction of travel for the NHS.

There are many risks which need to be dealt with. The public sector ethos of the NHS is at risk.  The current dynamics and structures within the NHS means that the risk of fragmentation has been heightened. The private sector is camped on the front lawn of core NHS services, preying on the NHS and cherry picking its easiest and most profitable services.

These factors merely increase the risks and financial challenges, potentially resulting in further pressure to follow the market dogma and purchaser/provider environment which we believe has contributed to the present difficulties in the NHS.

The NHS Reinstatement Bill sets down a marker; a starting point for discussion and planning amongst those who care about the future of our NHS and who want the next Government to respond positively.