NHS Pay (Cuts) Consortium to be questioned

Posted on: 17th September 2012

Cornish residents and NHS staff have vowed to question the decision of local Trusts to consider cuts to pay and conditions when local MP, Andrew George, holds a public meeting with health chiefs in Penzance this coming Friday evening. The meeting, “The Future of the NHS in the West” at St John’s Hall, Penzance commencing at 7.30pm, will provide an opportunity for local people to raise questions about the future direction of the NHS. Some have already indicated that they intend to raise questions about local Trust involvement in the South West NHS Trust Pay Consortium.

Mr George is also leading a cross party consortium of MPs to meet the new Health Secretary to discuss the proposal. This is planned to take place next month.

Mr George said: “There is a proper process which should be respected. Local Health Trusts should wait for the Pay Review Bodies to complete their work before jumping the gun with local variations to pay and conditions. NHS staff doubt that local health Trusts are engaged in this process in order to enhance the pay and conditions of NHS staff. Regional variations would result in staff leaving lower pay areas to work for Trusts who pay them more. This could be disastrous for Cornwall.”


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