NHS chief supports retention of local hospitals – like Poltair

Posted on: 2nd June 2014

Local MP and Health Select Committee member, Andrew George, welcomed Simon Stevens’ comments in which he indicated support for a more significant role of local hospitals in the future development of the NHS.

Mr George, who recently cross questioned the new NHS England Chief Executive, Mr Stevens, in a recent Health Select Committee, said that “this is exactly the right direction in which the NHS should be going”.

Mr George said:  “People and patients in West Cornwall know the value of local hospitals at Poltair, Edward Hain, Helston, St Mary’s (on the Isles of Scilly) and also acute hospitals at St Michael’s and West Cornwall in Penzance.

“Although I suspect Mr Stevens statement comes too late to save Poltair hospital as a building, I hope that it provides a strong signal to local health chiefs that every effort should be made to re-establish Poltair hospital’s facilities on a new and purpose built site.

“Of course, all these decisions have a financial consequence.  I am sure that Mr Stevens is aware of this.  One of the benefits to the NHS purse closing community hospitals is that it shifts the financial responsibility for providing the care necessary to both the local authority and private individuals when they need an inpatient bed or other facilities in a private nursing home.

“Mr Stevens’ comments come at precisely the right time.  I look forward to working with local health chiefs to remind NHS chiefs in London and NHS England when it comes to making the case for keeping the proceeds of the sale of Poltair in our local community so that we can rebuild facilities here and not have the money siphoned out into the coffers of the Department of Health.”



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