News Statement – Eastleigh By-election result

Posted on: 1st March 2013

“This is an astounding result in the circumstances.

“Parties of Government rarely hold seats in a mid-term by-election – especially marginal seats in such unfavourable circumstances. The Liberal Democrats are low in the polls, under daily onslaught from the Tory press, accused by the left of “selling out” to the Tories whilst having to make really difficult decisions having inherited a record public debt and a crumbling economy.

“Of course, we expected the right wing press to use every sinew to attack the Liberal Democrats. It’s just disappointing that the rest of the media adopt the character of slavish lemmings as they merely echo what the Tory press report on the basis that it is “in the news”.

“Rumours of our demise appear to have been much exaggerated!” said Mr George.


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