News Release

Posted on: 23rd May 2013

Commenting on the appalling and brutal attack in Woolwich, local MP, Andrew George, said last night:

“Our thoughts go to the family of the serviceman who has been killed in this brutal and unprovoked incident. At first sight this appears to have been an isolated rather than co-ordinated atrocity. It is most likely to have been provoked by deluded young men radicalised by the kind of deranged Jihadist rhetoric that is the cause of death and destruction, not stopping it.

“My fear is that there are two potential risks: first of copy cat attacks by people who are similarly fuelled by Jihadist insanity; or, second, retaliatory attacks against the Muslim community.

“Obviously there will be many who are around or associated with military bases such as RNAS Culdrose who will understandably experience heightened anxiety that the threat level has increased. Clearly there will need to be increased vigilance and care taken. But I know that Culdrose has the benefit of the full support of its local community. The service base is well integrated with the local community and enjoys very strong local support.”

This morning he added: “I pray tribute to the local cub scout leader, Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, who had the courage to intervene in an attempt to calm the situation and to offer help.”

It is thought that Mrs Loyau-Kennett lives in Helston.