National Adoption Week 2011

Posted on: 2nd November 2011

Andrew George has signed EDM2352. Motion reads: “That this House notes that National Adoption Week 2011 takes place from 31 October to 6 November 2011; recognises the important work that adoptive parents do by looking after children in our society, some of whom may be vulnerable; further notes that there are 3,660 babies under a year old in the care system, yet only 60 babies under a year old were adopted in the year to March 2011; acknowledges that there is a need for better support for adoptive parents, to encourage people to adopt and to assist them when they do so; is concerned that there are inequalities in entitlements to leave, pay and allowances available to adoptive parents and to parents whose children are born to them; and calls on the Government to equalise eligibility for and entitlements to statutory leave, pay and allowances for adoptive parents so that those who adopt are compensated and supported in the same way as birth parents.”