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MPs who vote for the “Deal” tomorrow will be selling out the Cornish Fishing industry

Posted on: 19th October 2019

The new Brexit deal could decimate the fishing industry – especially those in the more heavily contested waters of the western approaches (Area VII to those in the industry).

Former Liberal Democrat Fisheries shadow Minister, Andrew George has confirmed that the pro-Brexit campaign group ‘Fishing for Leave’ is “absolutely correct” in their criticism that the deal is “dire” for fishing.

Andrew said, “Hidden away in detail the Johnson Government would rather keep quiet is are concessions which could decimate the UK fishing industry. Any MP who votes for the deal will be voting to sell-out the Cornish fishing industry.

“Our fishermen will NOT get any more fishing quota. Probably less. Foreign vessels will STILL fish in “our waters”. That is likely to increase. And the UK Government will have LESS say on how the fishery is managed. We will become a vassal state, subject to the EU CFP.

“The most vulnerable period will of course be during the “transition”. That’s also the time when critical decisions will be made. When the UK will have the far less leverage in negotiations for the future.

“I’m not a fan of “Fishing for Leave” but they have correctly assessed the risk to the industry on this occasion.” See attached

Article 130