Most rebellious? – Just doing my job, says George

Posted on: 19th December 2011

A recent survey has shown that local MP, Andrew George, is the most ‘rebellious’ MP in Parliament. A report published on the Huffington Post and on the Lib Dem Voice website placed Andrew George at the top of the league table of rebellions against the Government – with 28 votes against the Government and many more occasions when he refused to support the Government with an abstention.

He voted against the Government on the policy to increase student tuition fees, has led the campaign against the Government’s Health ‘reforms’, as well as opposing many other Government proposals and policies.

Mr George said, “It gives me neither pleasure nor sorrow to hear the news. I’m just doing my job. We are all elected to Parliament to hold the Government to account.

“I support the Coalition. But that doesn’t mean to say that I have to support everything it does – especially when it goes against its own Coalition Agreement.

“Like the most of the public, I’m sick and tired of ya-boo, Punch and Judy politics, and opposition purely for the sake of it. The Coalition provides an opportunity for two parties – which are normally mortal enemies of each other – to come together and to show political maturity. To work together where we agree and to reasonably seek compromise where we don’t.

“But that doesn’t mean that MPs should discard their critical faculties and turn themselves into obedient, forelock touching automatons. The Government shouldn’t take Parliament for granted. Parliamentarians have a right to hold the Government to account, whichever side of the Chamber they sit.

“I’m neither ashamed nor proud of my accolade. I’ll just carry on doing my job.”





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