Mitie must pay up or give up

Posted on: 9th March 2015



West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, has called on the executives of the company which recently took over RCHT “hotel” services, Mitie, to honour its employer obligations to its staff and pay up or surrender their contract.

Mr George had raised concerns on behalf of his constituents about unpaid salaries, unpaid overtime, unmet contributions to staff pensions and other matters.  Instead of answering these concerns, Mitie executives were only interested in getting the names of the employees who had raised the matters with Mr George.  Mr George refused to break their confidences and has expressed concern that the company might intimidate workers unto silence.

Mr George said, “This situation has gone on long enough.  I’ve asked for a briefing but it hasn’t been forthcoming.  It’s time this company met its obligations to their employees.  The situation is completely unacceptable”.