Minister’s ‘warm’ response to Remploy factory bid

Posted on: 17th July 2012

A delegation led by West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, received a ‘warm’ reception from Disabilities Minister, Maria Miller MP, following last week’s confirmation that the Government intended to proceed with the closure of the Penzance Remploy Factory.

The delegation included Factory Manager, Anthony Curnow, and his assistant, Colin Grey

The Minister indicated that the door was certainly open to further negotiation. Further work was needed to advance a business case for an alternative use for the Remploy Factory premises.

Mr George said: “Unfortunately, any alternative plan could not actually stave off the closure of the Remploy Factory itself, but there are hopes that a Trust would take on the assets, with Government agreement, to run the place as an independent training centre to provide a stepping stone for those seeking to enter employment, especially for the physically, learning and other disabled.

“So, the intention is to provide a service as similar as possible to that currently provided by Remploy.

“I am pleased that the Minister was prepared to listen to our case and that we now have a chance of negotiating for the transfer of assets for a more local solution. This is a much needed service and we are determined to succeed.”



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