Meeting with Public Concern at Work

Posted on: 8th July 2011

On Wednesday 6th July, Andrew George MP,  attended a meeting with Andrew Parsons from Public Concern at Work concerning the issue of vulnerable adults.

Public Concern at Work recently released a report entitled “Speaking up for vulnerable adults: What the whistleblowers say” in which they examine the first hand experiences of whistleblowers in the care sector and how their concern is dealt with. They also welcomed the Health Committee’s questioning of the CQC over the recently exposed abuse at Winterbourne View Hospital. Commenting on the publication of the ECHRC’s report into the care sector, Mr. George cautioned the Commission not to ignore the fact that most care workers do “a tough job, with impossible targets on minimal pay”. He said, “There’s nothing more galling for care workers than to hear Baronesses pontificating from ivory towers about their work, telling them that they’re not up to the job and implying that they could do better…Instead of talking about care workers Quangos should talk to them; and find out what it’s like to do a tough job with impossible targets whilst being paid on or around the minimum wage





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