Masters Degree In Sign Language

Posted on: 20th December 2011

Andrew George has signed EDM2549. Motion reads: “That this House congratulates Heriot-Watt University on becoming the first in Scotland to offer a full-time MA in British Sign Language (BSL); notes with concern that there are only 50 official BSL interpreters in spite of the minority language being used by 6,000 individuals across Scotland; further notes that Finland, which is of a comparable size and has asimilar population to Scotland, has between 500 and 600 sign language interpreters but still considers itself to need more interpreters; recognises that the course offered by the Modern Language Department at Heriot-Watt will improve the numbers of interpreters in Scotland and services available to deaf BSL users; further recognises that the course will create opportunities for graduates in a wide variety of roles and sectors; and welcomes the work being done by the Government and commercial operators to try to secure better video relay services and interpreting for deaf BSL users.”