Many thanks to the many people who supported our “Save our NHS” event

Posted on: 5th July 2018

Many thanks for the impressive showing and to the many people who supported our “Save our NHS” campaign event in Penzance last Saturday. The petition for PROPER funding for our NHS gathered support from the vast majority.

Today is the NHS’s 70th Birthday. We’ll visit local hospitals to thank NHS staff and deliver birthday cards and good wishes. Though it needs more than just birthday wishes right now…

The Government’s much publicised funding announcement has been incorrectly presented as an ‘unprecedented’ £20 billion increase. Not true. It’s a 3.4% increase – less than £4billion extra next year – and less than the 3.7% increase it received on average per annum over its 70 year history. The promised extra will hardly paper over the cracks in a service which now faces its greatest crisis ever.

Our cross party campaign of doctors, nurses and campaigners is calling for 20% by 2020. Any less won’t do.