Let’s have a public debate on Brexit

Posted on: 21st February 2018

Former MP Andrew George says local people deserve a say on the kind of Brexit being negotiated by the Government.

Following the revelation of a secret letter to the Prime Minister signed by one local MP, and which calls for the hardest of hard Brexit’s, Mr George says these matters should be put in the open. The public should have a say, says Mr George.

“Many local businesses are aghast that MPs are secretly lobbying against their interests. The letter demonstrates these MPs want to put their fanatical dogma above the best interests of Britain. The letter exposes how extreme and/or clueless they really are.”

Mr George is calling a public debate on Brexit and its impact on businesses in the St Ives constituency.

“It would be good if the local MP felt able to attend, but then he refused to debate these matters in public during the referendum so I’m not optimistic. It’s all very well holding meetings to talk about placing hanging baskets around the streets of Helston, but that’s not a Parliamentary matter, nor does it require an MP’s intervention. If he wants hanging baskets and the like he should resign from Parliament and get himself elected to a parish or town council.

“Not only will this caucus of Brextremist MPs seriously damage Britains standing in the world and its economy, but they will seriously set back the peace process in Ireland.

“These are serious matters and should not be left to people who don’t understand what they’re doing.”