Let’s make 2019 a year of change for the better

Posted on: 2nd January 2019

A new year. But will it be a new dawn?

We can of course hope, wish and pray. But let’s also WORK in 2019 to build a better future for young people.

Health and Education

  • Let’s save our NHS by halting the cuts and pressures. Stop private companies ‘cherry-picking’ the profitable bits. Put patients before profit. Bring NHS funding up to comparative international levels now. Give mental health the funding it desperately needs. Introduce mandatory safe Nurse staffing levels.
  • Protect school children from political experiments, gimmicks and dogma. Give our schools and teachers the backing and funds they deserve. Give our children hope for the future; to be children but also to prepare them for adult life.

Putting need before greed

  • Put housing need above developers’ greed. Our planning system is fuelled by greed rather than need. This must be reversed. The property market is rigged to benefit speculators, second home investors and to the detriment of local families in need. We must reverse this too. Cornwall deserves the power to resist Government diktat – to stop our Duchy being treated as a developers’ paradise.

Fair votes

  • Our voting system is being rigged and gerrymandered; to the detriment of democracy. Let’s have fair voting, votes from 16, improved voter registration and politically neutral constituency changes.

Tolerance and kindness

  • Let’s celebrate our heritage and our diversity. Stand up against intolerance. Unite people. Don’t divide them. Stop the Government’s “hostile environment” against migrants and refugees. Combat the UK’s growing isolation abroad.

Combat poverty

  • We must end extreme poverty. Make foodbank’s, homeless charities and street food projects unnecessary. Fight the Government’s “only themselves to blame” attitude towards the poor and sick. We can do this if we make wealthy multinationals and the mega-rich pay their way. Stop the Government ‘blind-eying’ tax loopholes, and letting top execs award themselves eye-watering bonuses.

Take back control!

  • End the Government’s Brexit chaos. Let the people “take back control” by having the final say on the Brexit deal.

Let’s be optimistic for 2019. Let’s fight for a better future. Let’s combat the current slide towards chaos and division. If you want to and can help, just let me know. Email me at