Let Penzance – not Truro – decide future of St Clare site

Posted on: 21st October 2014

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, has called on Cornwall Council to let local people decide how publicly owned community assets like the St Clare site should best be used to maximise long term community benefit rather than short term need for the Truro based Council to balance its books.

Mr George believes that the small remainder of the St Clare site which remains uncommitted by the Council should be protected to both keep open the chance of rebuilding the community hospital facilities lost at Poltair and to maximise the availability of affordable homes for local families.

Mr George said, “Whilst, of course, it’s good news that three of our local GP surgeries are clubbing together to develop a modern purpose built primary care facility for the local community, and some of the site will be used for homes which we hope will be affordable to local families, we are running out of community assets like the St Clare site and should not simply allow this golden opportunity to be lost simply to meet the short term pressures on the Council’s budget.

“Beyond this there are of course the assets at Coinagehall Street near the seafront. As the latest plans have fallen through this should be looked at again.

“No further decision should be made on the remaining parcel at St Clare until a full public consultation has been held.”