Less competition – more integration. NHS doesn’t need a “race to the bottom” – George

Posted on: 30th July 2013

West Cornwall MP & Health Select Committee member, Andrew George, has written to the Health Secretary, Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, to urge him not simply to re-tender contracts for NHS 111 services.

Mr George said:  “Competitive tendering is creating a race to the bottom.  The NHS needs to be reintegrated not further fragmented into multiple tendered contracts.

“It would be idiotic to continue having separate contracts for the handling of ambulance, urgent care and out-of-hours GP services, whilst hospital emergency departments continue to struggle.

“The NHS has been divvied up into business units under successive Governments.  This has spawned a culture more concerned with ‘working to contract’ than working in the patient’s best interests.

“But it doesn’t have to be like this.  We should be pulling services back together rather than grinding on with this failed dogma.”


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