“Led by the science”?

Posted on: 7th October 2021


This week a local MP – not himself exactly a recognised epidemiologist – poopooed Chief Medical Officers’ advice. The top scientists had recommended that 12-15 year olds should be offered the vaccine. But our local MP was confident he knew better when he proclaimed, “I do not think this is as clear cut as they do. Children without existing conditions have a very low risk from covid”, he declared.

Quite so. But there’s another reason for having a vaccine. Protecting others.  It’s like wearing a mask. Wearing one in enclosed public places and on public transport simply shows your consideration for others. Young people are a significant vector for the disease, even if they’re unlikely to become morbidly ill themselves.

This same MP achieved national notoriety for his grasp of science when he confidently declared that type 1 diabetes is “completely avoidable” with exercise and a good diet!

I would ignore this if I were confident that such buffoonery was merely lampooned, as of course it should be. However, many people are vulnerable to believe that anyone in such public office holds opinions which deserve respect. It is irresponsible and reprehensible for a public figure who has already demonstrated they have a poor grasp on such grave matters to continually pontificate. The consequences are tragic.

A good friend, who was tragically vulnerable to irresponsible conspiracy theorists, recently died from Covid having refused vaccination. The consequences of ill-informed or mendacious dishonesty are grave indeed. Public figures have a duty to respect evidence-based science and to protect public health. Those who don’t have blood on their hands.