Large Parliamentary majority will deliver “oven-ready” deceit

Posted on: 16th September 2020


The Dominic Cummings’ Government is correct. The introduction of The Internal Market Bill this week is not unique and has precedent.

For example there’s The Enabling Act forced through by Hitler in 1933 . It ultimately paved the way for totalitarian rule in Germany and all that the world witnessed thereafter. And Putin has also successfully overridden inconvenient laws and checks and balances in Russia.

So this Government’s proposal to ignore laws it has very recently signed up to is not new.

All the Hitlers, Putins and Cummings of this world need to ensure success is to have a loyal band of MPs who’re always prepared to gleefully vote their projects through without asking inconvenient or searching questions. Sadly a large band of these were voted in to our Parliament just months ago. And the new lot evidently need even less shepherding than the last.