Labouring the point

Posted on: 30th September 2021


I don’t wish to throw petrol onto the flames of the debate about the cause of our current labour shortages. Crops unharvested, fuel undelivered, care not-provided, food unprocessed, flowers unpicked, dining rooms unwaited, and even livestock unslaughtered. Couple this with rising gas and CO2 prices. And the gentle dismissal of UK efforts to secure favourable trade deals around the world. Perhaps those responsible will finally hear the pennies dropping?

Reopening the dialogue of the deaf between shouty Brexit supporters and their detractors is an entertaining distraction. But it won’t add to the sum of human knowledge, nor provide a solution.

Government ministers, with tail between legs, have been forced to call on foreign workers to pretty-please come back to save our country! Yet these are the same people who adopted a “hostile environment”, and “Go Home” vans and other dog-whistle messages to migrant workers. There are words to describe politicians who on the one hand campaigned for Brexit but who now lead campaigns to plead with the migrant workers who fled our country in the light of it.