Jenny Agutter gives strong backing to “Save our NHS” campaign

Posted on: 18th June 2018


Internationally renowned actor and star of TV drama Call the Midwife, Jenny Agutter, has pledged her support for a cross-Party campaign to “Save our NHS”. This follows yesterday’s NHS funding announcement by the Prime Minister. The campaign group of medical professionals and health campaigners are calling for “20% more by 2020”. This contrasts with the 3.4% offered by the Government.

Spokesperson for the Campaign, Andrew George said, “The Prime Minister’s proposal won’t even paper over the gapping cracks in the NHS, let alone help to restore services.

Mythical “Brexit dividend”

“Her pledge is also based on the myth that there’ll be a “Brexit dividend”. It’s fantasy economics.

“The NHS needs a serious cash injection now, not fictional money in 5 years time.”

Former local NHS Chief and GP, Dr Colin Philip, said “Without an immediate and much greater financial injection, the NHS will continue to deteriorate. Our health service will become less safe.

“Safety is of the highest concern of any health system but the deterioration has already begun. Though the dedication of its staff has long compensated for NHS underfunding, those staff are now facing unacceptable pressure, sometimes paying personally for the inadequacy of the system within which they work.”

Campaign on the streets 30th June

The campaign will take to local streets on Saturday 30th June, celebrate the 70th birthday of our NHS on Thursday 5th July and gather petitions in support of their campaign in the coming months.

A copy of the Charter calling for 20% more by 2020 and the petition are attached: