Public Opinion in Penzance

I’ve been out and about

Posted on: 20th December 2018

I’ve been out and about. I’ve arranged many public meetings to help inform during this time of political uncertainty and chaos. I’ve been assisted by remarkable people, experts in their field, who are happy to stand with me in packed public halls to inform, engage, advise. I’ll do more in the new year. We should not stand idly by, allowing British notoriety for obstinacy to result in an act of avoidable self-harm; and to convert our great country into a global laughingstock.

I’ve also met other folk, confident of their remarkable foresightedness. They apparently astutely knew precisely what they were voting for in 2016. They swear they anticipated the Irish question (and apparently have an easy solution!), Canada-plus, Norway-minus, the EURATOM consequentials, the inter-relationship with UNCLOS, the irrelevance of Schengen etc, etc. The rest of my comments would be wasted on them.

The Conservative Government budgeted £4.2 billion of our money to spend on Brexit planning. It will cost more. But don’t worry about the cost. Just look at the success …as the UK prepares for a perfectly planned, sedate, harmonious Brexit with an enticingly pleasant and billowy landing. …right into the cloud-cuckoo land of the Brexit fantasists.

I’ve said before. I was never an EU enthusiast. However, it was clear to me, remaining was better than leaving. But, as stated at last year’s General Election, I respected the referendum result. To give the Government a fair wind. The time and space to negotiate. I remained unpersuaded the outcome would be a great one. But held my counsel.

However. We now know what the deal is. We now know that the only plausible alternative is a hard “no deal”. We now know Parliament can’t agree to anything. Now we know all of this, perhaps we should tell MPs to hand the final decision back to the people. Something for you to chew over during Christmas festivities!